Research Capabilities
Our labs include standard bench and pilot-scale mineral processing equipment needed to evaluate a range of material types.  Specific capabilities include:
  • Sample preparation and splitting equipment
  • A suite of pilot-scale crushing, grinding, and screening equipment which can handle particle sizes from run-of-mine to micron scales
  • Bench-scale separations, including flotation, float-sink, and filtration.
  • Pilot-scale separation, including flotation, mineral spirals, magnetic separators, and cyclones.
Our key analytical capabilities include:
  • Cilas 1190L laser particle size analyzer, capable of measuring size distributions from 0.05 to 2,500 microns.
  • Expert Shape attachment for particle shape measurements.
  • DyneMaster DY-300 automatic surface tensiometer
  • Automated TGA used for coal ash and moisture determination
  • Shimadzu UV-1280 spectrophotometer
  • Rame-Hart Model 190 Goniometer 
Other miscellaneous capabilities include:
  • Proceq RockSchmidt hammer
  • Low temperature cooling baths
  • EDEM discrete element simulation 
We do perform contract services for outside entities and enjoy collaboration with other WVU personnel.  If any of these items could be of potential use to you, please contact us with your request.