Research Capabilities

The next generation of mining engineers must have a thorough understanding of the environmental aspects of resource production.  We recognize this challenge and seek to investigate new methods of environmental monitoring, control, treatment, and remediation.  We generally approach problems from a process engineering standpoint and use laboratory, field, and computational methods to resolve issues.

As one example of our work in this area, following the January 9, 2014 Elk River Chemical Spill, we were tasked to assess the fate and partitioning behavior of MCHM, the predominant froth flotation reagent involved in the spill.  While the consequences of a large, unintended spill were obvious, several questions remained on the standard use of the chemical in coal preparation plants.  Our results of the study were published in the International Journal of Coal Preparation and Utilization as well as the environmental science journal Chemosphere.  Please see the publications page for more information.